6 Result Driven SEO Strategies of 2017

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If you want to rank high on Google, you’ll need to consistently update your site with fresh, well written content. Aside from the quality of the content that is published and the frequency, there should also be multiple avenues for engaging the site’s audience. These days social media has taken over from forums and IRC groups but never the less both are still quite effective in engaging viewers. SEO is getting more and more complex everyday so it’s quite difficult to document a sure path to ranking success. Instead we have compiled a list of the top 6 Result Driven SEO Strategies that you can utilize to improve your site’s ranking.

To make the most of your search engine optimization campaign, you should be familiar with the major SEO strategies and concepts. Here we will go through some of the best SEO strategies that are aimed at achieving top ranking on Google and other leading search engines.


1. Focus on Mobile Search Optimization

The improvement of mobility should not be ignored when it comes to ranking more on search engines. Since the use of the mobile Internet has completely exceeded the use of your desktop computer, it is important to optimize your site for multiple mobile devices and screen sizes to provide a rich user experience to mobile users.

Recently Google has started to give higher priority to the portable version of the PC while setting the rank of the site at SERP. What this means is that you’ll gain far more ranking points from mobile visits to your website as opposed to hits from desktop PC’s. When reviewing how to increase seo rankings be sure to include a mobile optimization strategy.


2. Optimize for Voice Search

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in voice search queries on Google and other search platform platforms. In fact, the survey claims that more than half of the queries will be through voice search by the end of 2020. That means more and more people are searching for a product or service via voice search.
With this in mind we should ensure that our website not only supports these technological changes but is optimized for them. Language, diction and short hand speech should be considered when reviewing how one can leverage the SEO benefits of voice search. For example, if you type something in Google, write some correct keywords like “Outsourcing Optimization Tips” rather than “How to Optimize SEO Outside the Website?” But with voice search, you will have a general conversation with the search engine technology. That’s a word about a long tail that comes into play.

To help optimize for keywords in voice searches, analyze what kind of questions are spoken in a language that can be used to search the website on Google.


3. Trend of Using Simple and Shorter URL

We all know that using simple, descriptive URLs, and rich keywords is great for getting high rank in Google. However, some experts believe that using shorter URLs can actually help to get better SEO rankings.
To get the best of both it would be great shorter the URLs and add the most relevant keyword in the first few words of the URL.


4. Optimize For Local Search

It is great that SEO has become more and more complex taking into account a range of metrics instead of just a few. This evolution is primarily influenced by the way people search for content including media online. Now lets take a look at local searches and how they can affect SEO. Surprisingly, it’s quite necessary to optimize your site for local searches.

While first indexing for mobile devices gains popularity in SEO ranking factors, you cannot ignore the fact that site visitors are looking for a product or brand based on geography.
So if there’s a local agent associated with the business, do not forget to optimize your site for localization. This will be an amazing search engine optimization strategy that will help to obtain a better search engine review.
Tip: Use local keywords to help people quickly find a business address.


5. Boost User Experience

Giving a rich and flawless user experience is one SEO ranking factor that web developers should never ignore. Good navigation, graphical user experience, typography and load time are amongst the top facets contributing to favourable user experience. A good user experience usually keeps visitors coming back to your site and also keeps them on your pages longer.

According to one online survey published last year October, there is a direct correlation between better rankings and the percentage of clicks (CTRs). This means that if your content appears at the top of the SERPs, but there is not enough clicks, then the rankings may decrease.
To counter this situation, one should focus on user experience and click through rate (CTR) for all posts and or pages of the website. In fact, you should also improve your metadata by adding related keywords.


6. Guest posting

This is a method used by bloggers to increase their blog traffic by writing posts to post on another blog. A few years ago, this method was considered dead but based on our research guest posting is one of the top methods of increasing your blogs ranking and index amongst search engines. If you are an amateur blogger on the block, your first goal will be to increase the rank of SERP. If you are new to this area, it will take some time to increase your rankings. Gaining traffic from other blogs via back links and guest posts are very efficient ways to climb the ladder before you.




Based on our research, these are 6 of the Most Effective and

Result Driven SEO Strategies

that should be implemented if you want to improve your search engine ranking.
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