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Undo Update on CentOS

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Have you ever needed to undo an update on CentOS to fix an unintended catastrophic bug that occurred after installing some new package(s)..? Only a week ago this was me 🙁 and the culprit was “yum update”! After upgrading several packages on one of my web server’s I noticed that...

Top 3 Movies Streaming Websites

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Watching movies online including your favorite series from the past is an awesome way to spend quality family time. With the ever increasing bandwidth being offered and continuous reduction in the costs of smart and LED TV’s it has gotten quite convenient to stream movies from the comfort of ones...

PayPal and Currency Conversion Fees

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Recently, I made a purchase on which many of you already know uses PayPal as its payment processor. PayPal is great when buying stuff on Ebay as it usually gives you some sort of guarantee in the event that your item arrives damaged, not as described or just not...