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Contact Form – HTML Email Support

HTML Form with the Textarea for the Message and the Name, Subject and Email Fields. Use CSS to style the fields, buttons, textarea and labels. Process the Post data using PHP.

PHP String Functions

10 Useful PHP Functions when working with Strings

Strings are one of the most fundamental types in just about every modern day high level programming language. If your just getting started with PHP here are some essential string functions that you should know. They are certain to come in handy!…

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CSS Positioning

CSS enables you to take control of the presentation or layout of a web page much more precisely than you could with HTML alone. This tutorial illustrates key CSS positioning concepts like “float”, “clear”, “relative” and “absolute” positioning properties….

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Regular Expressions (RegEx) – Quick Reference

Regular expression also known as regex is a sequence of characters/symbols that forms a search pattern. It is supported by most programming language including Perl, Javascript, PHP, C-Sharp and Java….

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Why learn and use Drupal?

If your a new developer looking to explore what the current Content Management Systems have to offer the n your in luck. This article explains why Web Developers should learn and use Drupal as the preferred web development platform for websites and web-apps….

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Getting into Web Development

Entering the world of Web Development / Web Programming, here are a few things you need to know to help determine the path that’s right for you. Web Development is Essentially separated into two main aspects, Design and Development. Learn More…

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