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Watching movies online including your favorite series from the past is an awesome way to spend quality family time. With the ever increasing bandwidth being offered and continuous reduction in the costs of smart and LED TV’s it has gotten quite convenient to stream movies from the comfort of ones living room. Some folks have even thrown out and/or replaced their traditional cable boxes. Replacing them with a new type of hardware called an Android Box. These devices consequently allows TV users to stream movies from a multitude of sites known as repositories. This type of streaming is also not restricted Smart TV’s. While Android boxes are nice devices to have some of us may prefer to stream our movies directly from websites. Here are the Top 3 Movies Streaming Websites, offering the best speeds and quality films.

Top 3 Sites for Watching Movies Online

PutLocker, 1Movies and MovieWatcher have been rated amongst the Top 3 Movies Streaming Websites online today. Ads, connection speeds and availability of content were primary determinants in deriving these ratings. Using these websites to catch up on your favourite series or see something new and exciting is easier than you think. All you really need is a device running a popular web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Above all the best part is that this can be done directly from a TV, mobile phone or computer.

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