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Linux Dash – A simple & low-overhead CPanel Alternative


Introduction to Linux Dash

Linux Dash is a clean lite-weight opensource server monitoring tool for linux based servers. It provides real-time monitoring of server resources like memory, bandwidth, processor utilization, users, processes and much more. For me CPanel is too heavy and way too expensive, if your looking for a nice simple interface then checkout the demo here



  • Small —– less than 400KB
  • Simple —- Modern, beautiful dashboard
  • Easy —— 123 installation
  • Versatile — Available in Node.js, Go, Python, PHP

Installation on CentOS 7

Installation is easy: download, upload to your apache web server running php, point your browser to the directory and voila. It must be noted however that Linux Dash does not provide any login mechanism for security. One approach to securing your dashboard is to use Password Protection with htaccess. A tutorial on how to achieve this can be found here – Htaccess Tricks.

Drop a comment if you would like some help to setup Linux Dash on your server.