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Search Engines are the main source of traffic for most websites. That’s why users often seek SEO tips and supplements that can improve SEO with their WordPress sites. In this article, we will share some of the Top SEO Plugins for WordPress and tools that will enhance SEO of your website.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast (link)

This is one of WordPress’s top downloaded add-ons of all time. This WordPress SEO tool is a comprehensive solution for all your SEO needs on the site.
It allows you to add an SEO address, meta description, and keyword meta for each post and page of your site.
You can also enter a custom address for the main page, archive, category, and tagged pages. It also adds open metadata, graphs, tweaks, Sitemaps, and ping search engines whenever you update your site.


2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool used by experts to gather analytics and insights from their competitors to help improve their SEO. You can learn more about organic keywords that you can rank, where you can get feedback, view advertiser advertising strategies, and more. SEMrush is a paid subscription service used by SEO experts around the world. It can provide you with a tremendous wealth of data.

3. Google keyword Planner

No one on this planet has more information about what people are looking for than Google, the search giant.
Did you know that you can get your keyword ideas from Google using Google’s Keyword Planner?
This free tool is offered free of charge to Google advertisers and can be used by anyone. The primary purpose is to show advertisers the keywords they can bid for their ad campaigns. It also helps advertisers choose the right keywords by showing them an estimate of search volume, number of results, and weight levels.
you can use this information to find high-search keywords, great advertiser interest, and the most important keywords that you can easily rank above other sites.

4. Keyword Tool.io

This Keyword Tool is one of the best free search tools for the keywords that are now available. It allows you to easily create keyword ideas by typing a keyword. These keyword suggestions have been collected with Google’s automatic feature. Google ranks keywords based on the number of times that keyword search is used. This means that the most important results are the most frequently searched words on Google for that keyword.
The Keyword Tool is incredibly fast and, most importantly, it’s completely free for anyone. You can use it to optimize content on the WordPress website. It also allows you to get keyword suggestions from YouTube and the App Store.

5. Open Site Explorer (link)

This free tool lets you check the data for any domain name. With this tool you can Research backlinks to a domain, find link-building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links. OpenSite Explorer is provided by MOZ and is available for free use but has a daily search limit.

6. Linkpatrol

LinkPatrol is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to control all links to your website.
With this tool you can track all the outgoing links on your site, find, review, and clean up links inside of your posts and pages. Linkpatrol is lite-weight and provides most of the same functionality as much larger plugins. It also allows you to have a faster and more effective way of cleaning all your anchor texts, unwanted links, and connecting link problems with a very intuitive and fast user interface.

7. Broken Link Checker

Broken links doesn’t only create a bad user experience but can also negatively impact search engine ranking for your website. If you’ve been running a blog for some time, you should periodically check your site for these and correct them.
Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to find broken links on your WordPress site. Then you can correct these links without editing your posts. This is a very useful addition, absolutely free.

8. Rel Nofollow CheckBox

This is a simple WordPress plugin that adds a checkbox to the link popup box inside of the WordPress editor. The popup window already has a checkbox that allows you to select “open links in a new tab”. Now whenever you add an external link, you can easily set it to Nofollow by ticking the box. If you know about SEO, then chances are you are already aware that it is never a good idea to have SEO juice leaking to other websites that don’t ever return the love. A no follow link is a marker on an external link in your website indicating to the SERP that the flow stops here, essentially “do not count this”.

9. SEOquake

This SEO tool is available as a browser add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers. It provides SEO related information at any location. The information parameters include page rank, age, last update, Alex’s rank, and many other parameters. It is one of the most frequently downloaded browser plugins by SEO experts. In addition, the SEOquake toolbar can show you these parameters for all search results. This information can be very useful to measure competition in different keywords. You can even download search results in CSV format and prepare excel sheets of search data.

Bonus SEO Tips for WordPress Owners

WordPress Website Speed is one of the many important factors in the search engine rankings. Faster websites can easily rank more than slower ones. While you spend a lot of time improving your content strategy, you should take some time to improve the speed of your site. Make sure your WordPress website can be downloaded quickly. You can check the speed of your site using tools such as Google Page Speed and Pingdom. Always install and set up a cache plug-in to the WordPress Web site as well.

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